friday roundup: thanks, mea culpa, and the town of unspeakable things

Reader, don’t the weeks fly by? Happy Friday to you.

Thanks. I want to thank everyone who sent congratulations to the Mail Order Bride, linked, liked, tweeted, retweeted, etc., her attempt at a letter home. Even Husband read the poem and listened to the audio file (I’m hearing this from the next room). Then tap-tap-tap on the keyboard. Then, “Hey, you have a blog?” Um, yeah. “Cool.”

Mea culpa. But what happened next was not cool. He pulled up this site as I walked back into the room, and what do I see displayed on my blog? Advertisements. What!? This is how I discovered that Word Press will (and I quote) “sometimes” display ads on one’s blog “to keep free things free.” Mea culpa, Reader, I had no idea. I have upgraded to the ads-free option and I hope you will never again see an ad on this blog.

The town of unspeakable things. With the move and all, I kind of ignored some of my journal reading this fall. Thank goodness I discovered, after the fact, some poems by Alison Seay. I am astounded, in particular, by her poem “The Town of Unspeakable Things” which appeared in the November issue of Poetry. Do yourself a favor and go read it at this link. I will definitely be looking for more work by this poet!

2 thoughts on “friday roundup: thanks, mea culpa, and the town of unspeakable things

  1. Yowza – The “Town” poem is a stunner. Thanks for introducing me to (yet another) great poet.

    Also: 1) I never saw the ads, and 2) my husband had the same reaction to my blog. It seems we lead sorta secret lives.

    Congratulations on a great week.

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