friday roundup: just three poems

Anne Sexton. Isn't she glam? (photo from poetry foundation)

Reader, considering I’m a little bit busier than usual and my kids are currently arguing about who gets to sit where while they read, I’ll keep it simple for today’s roundup by sharing just three poems with you:

grief wants her lean and pink At Hunger Mountain, Sally Rosen Kindred has this beautiful poem about grieving the death of her mother-in-law. I love that grief becomes active in this poem, with its own desires and directives. If you need a prompt for NaPoWriMo, try making an emotion, or some other abstraction, active in a poem.

though you defeat me / and I be heavy upon you  Yesterday, the Poetry Foundation posted this poem on Facebook. Reader, as I read the poem aloud, my bones became heavy and my heart winced. It reminded me of how powerful poetry can be, and of the way art can pierce our souls.

the door to your room was / the door to mine  This is one of my favorite poems by poetry foremother Anne Sexton. It might be as close as she gets to a happy poem, not that it’s happy exactly, but it is quiet and there is a certain peace and tenderness in its lines.

I’m hoping to be back to a more full-fleshed roundup next week. Until then, enjoy the poems, happy Friday, and, for the poets in the readership, Write on!

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