friday roundup: the writing on the wall, two things you don’t throw out in France, and footnotes

Reader, forgive me for my little pity party yesterday. After some time spent with a poet-friend and some comfort food for dinner, I perked right up. Still, I must admit I’ve seen

the writing on the wall: I’m trying to do too much. Or, put another way, I have unrealistic expectations for what I can accomplish this summer. I’m trying to really read and really study Louise Gluck’s early work. I’m trying to get a submissions system up and running. I’m trying to submit poems every week. I’m trying to do my morning reading and writing, revise current work, and prepare for a writing conference I’m going to in September. I’m trying to do all this in about an hour a day.

This morning as I prepped five submissions — spitting and polishing, checking guidelines, generating documents, etc. — I saw the writing on the wall.

Repeat after me: When something isn’t working, there’s usually something you can do to change it.

I need to think about what to let go of so that I can really make this the Summer of Submissions.

I will not, neither by hook nor by crook, be getting 5 submissions out the door by 5:00 p.m. today. I might, however, have a shot at having them done before I go to bed. I’m telling the inner critic she’s just going to have to hush up and face reality.

I carry on.

two things you don’t throw up out in France  Earlier this week, based on a friend’s Facebook status, I decided I wanted to move to Sweden, where children roam free under a minimum of adult supervision, and use real saws and hammers, wood and nails, at preschool. Yesterday, I read this New York Times article and decided I might rather move to France, where bookstores and print media continue to thrive. In France, there are public subsidies for bookstore owners. In France, it is said, ““There are two things you don’t throw out in France — bread and books,” (thus says Bernard Fixot, owner and publisher of XO, a small publishing house there). In some philosophies of government, one of government’s roles is to provide incentives that support vital elements of culture, community, and infrastructure. I confess, I wish bookstores were considered a vital element of this country’s culture, community, and infrastructure. Sigh.

footnotes  Yesterday in my poetry-related web surfing, I came across these poems by Kristina Marie Darling. The poems are in the format of footnotes, which I think is really original. Go read them! I love how using the footnote format naturally fragments the poems while providing a thread of connection. I love how the “she” in the poems enters just enough to give the poems some heart, to hint at what’s at stake. Have you ever written a footnote poem? Might be something to try… .

And now, it’s breakfast time, then swim team time, then lunchtime, then who-knows-what-all time. Thanks, as always, for reading and have a wonderful summer Friday.

3 thoughts on “friday roundup: the writing on the wall, two things you don’t throw out in France, and footnotes

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