friday roundup: berry, fever, and a balance between steering and flowing

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Reader, you will forgive me for a shorter-than-normal roundup today. I’m still recovering from a crockpot malfunction yesterday — in which the dinner I had prepared for the arrival of my in-laws burned to a crisp — and soon must away to take middle child for a filling. By the way, I find crockpots to be generally depressing, the same way minivans are generally depressing: so unsexy, so unavoidable for the next decade or so. Fillings are also a bit depressing — Yes, they proclaim, I feed my child copious amounts of sugar! In my defense, this is the child who has been know to stash Girl Scout cookies under his pillow for a midnight snack. But I digress. Thank goodness there are always things afoot in the po-world to cheer me up. Onward:

berry  You will also forgive a bit of shameless self-promotion? I’m happy to have a poem in the July issue of Thrush Poetry Journal. This poem is one in a series of little object poems I’ve been working on over the last year or so, and is the first to see the light of day. It came to me as I made cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving. Yes, thank goodness for dull subjects (here I would link to William Matthew’s essay on dull subjects if I could but find it online — perhaps this is the one item in the whole universe Google can’t find for me? But the point of the essay, as I remember it, is that anything — including dull subjects — can be a jumping-off point into writing).

fever If you haven’t already, click over to Linebreak to read Sandy Longhorn’s poem “Fevers of a Minor Fire” and listen to it read by Sandra Beasley. Sandy has been working on a long series of poems narrated by a persona she calls the sickly speaker. You can read Sandy’s process notes for how the sickly speaker poems have unfolded, as well as notes on Sandy’s self-imposed homestead writing residency (such a great idea!) on her blog.

a balance between steering and flowing  I have to say, I’ve been loving HER KIND, VIDA’s recently launched blog. In particular I’ve enjoyed the Lady in the House series of interviews. One thing I love about these interviews is that the questions are not your typical interview questions; they’re much more open-ended and subject to interpretation. This week’s Lady in the House is Ren Powell. I loved her words about finding a balance between steering and flowing, which I’ve been trying to do all week. Read the whole interview here.

Happy Friday, happy weekend, and may you stumble upon many dull subjects every day.

8 thoughts on “friday roundup: berry, fever, and a balance between steering and flowing

  1. “Berry” is wonderful, great landing, Molly – love Thrush! Congrats. Best with the dentistry!

    • Thanks, Kelly ! Yes, I love Thrush, too, and I’m honored to have a poem there. The dentistry went fine — the worst part was over fast & all downhill from there. Happy weekend!

  2. Congratulations Molly!
    It’s a beautiful poem — and that endline is a stunner. You elevated the ordinary so beautifully. And what a great online journal, both in content and design. It’s a great match for your work.

  3. Me gusta! Berry is a beautiful poem, reaching out to make you love that fruit. Well done! So proud of you!!!!!!!!!!

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