sunday words from Mark Doty: on doubt and voice

Reader, this is a special edition of Sunday words, in that there are more words than usual and special instructions. Humor me?

I want you to do me a favor. Go get your earphones. I’ll wait.

Ok, they’re plugged in? Okay. Oh, you couldn’t find them? Really? That never happens to me. Well, no problem, you can listen on your computer’s speakers if you must.

Now, if you are not a poet get ready to interpret what comes next a bit broadly. Substitute the word “work” or “days” for “poem.” Maybe replace “voice” with “self” or “spirit.” Or just tell yourself as-in-poetry-so-in-life, without substituting words and all that.

Ok, still with me?

Now, I want you to go listen to this audio clip of Mary Doty talking about doubt and voice. It’s short. But please, please, pretty please go listen to it. Thank you (and come back when you’re done — there’s one more step!).

Okay? Okay. Now I want you to bookmark that page, and every time your Spiteful Gillian, or your Perfect Polly, or whoever your inner (or, for that matter, outer) critic is, starts up a little doubt festival in your head, I want you to go and listen to Mark Doty again.

Ok, now we’re done. Have a wonderful week.

P.S. The clip, sent to me by one of my po-friends, came from this blog.

7 thoughts on “sunday words from Mark Doty: on doubt and voice

  1. Oh, but this is such a gem! Love Mark Doty. I’m writing “Open up the range of what you can admit to” on a piece of paper and hanging it over my writing desk. Excellent. Thanks for everything you share, Molly – helps immeasurably!

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