sometimes it’s good to leave the house

a ship leaving the Golden Gate at dusk

Reader, we have been away. Briefly. But sometimes briefly is long enough.

We went camping with some friends in the most lovely and secluded little spot just north of the Golden Gate. On Saturday, we packed like mad, drove up through the summer fog in the city, pitched our camp in the chilly morning air, then camped fast and furious. The kids melded into a roving pack that played capture the flag on a WWII bunker, swam in the frigid Pacific, buried eachother in the sand, made war against some very bold raccoons, and devoured untold numbers of s’mores. The adults swapped it’s-a-small-world stories around the campfire, shared the joys and challenges of family life, applied multiple coats of sunscreen to myriad limbs, cheeks, and noses, and took turns feeding the faces of the roving pack of children.

It was sheer bliss, even the sleeping on the ground part. Although, I do seem to have a camping hangover, despite the strongest drink having been instant coffee. I’m told we arrived home again yesterday afternoon, at which point I began working through a large hillock of laundry. I’m told we all showered to scrub the sand and the campfire out of our hair. I have some memory of scrambling around the house this morning and dragging the kids along to a poetry date (which was, for the benefit of the kids, at a park). I have barely stumbled back to my desk, where it has come to my attention that the Mail Order Bride rides again.

Actually, I was expecting her sometime soon, so it wasn’t a complete surprise. But, I’m so happy to share with you a few more Mail Order Bride poems, and one other poem, that are up at Escape Into Life. Escape Into Life is an exciting online venue for literature and visual art. If you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you spend some time browsing and taking it all in — it’s a really wonderful site. I’m so honored to have my work there, paired with evocative photographs by Jennifer Zwick. Thank you to poetry editor Kathleen Kirk for selecting my work for publication at EIL.

And now, I’m going to try splashing some cold water on my face to see if I can emerge from my camping brain-fog. Something tells me there’s still some laundry in need of attention, and I know for a fact certain people will be expecting dinner in a few hours. Which I will cook with a smile on my face, giving thanks for all that’s beautiful in the world — fog and cargo ships, parks and poetry, small upturned faces brown from the sun — all of that and more.

9 thoughts on “sometimes it’s good to leave the house

  1. hi Molly! thanks for dropping by my blog =) i heard about your work via poetry&effrontery. i love your mail order bride poems; one of my close friends recently had a miscarriage, so your poem “the mail order bride spills” particularly resonated. such beautiful work. i hope that there is a full collection coming soon..? count me as a reader, i would buy it straightaway!

  2. Your camping trip sounds lovely and the photo you took is awesome! I miss camping, and I miss San Francisco. 😦

    So great to see more of The Mail Order Bride, really cool poems–and paired with such amazing photos. I browsed EIL, it’s really a beautiful magazine. It may just make it to my favorites list. A magazine with a similar aesthetic is Fleeting (UK), which I’ve liked for a while.

    • I, too, loved the photos that were chosen to accompany the Mail Order Bride poems. Thanks for the note about Fleeting — will look into that journal.

  3. I’m so glad you like your EIL feature. We were covered in sand the same time you were, but in Michigan, your old stomping/sanding ground. South of Sawyer, north of Union Pier. And, yes, doing laundry ever since…..

    • Oh, Michigan (I’m about to burst into song: “Yes, Michigan, the feeling’s forever” — this was the Michigan tourism jingle from, I’m sure, many years ago now). The lovely thing about sand is that it shakes off. May you be finding around your house/car it for many moons. And yes, I love the EIL feature — thanks again!

  4. Molly: I loved this! And EIL seems very cool. A couple questions:

    Did they pair you with the photographer (rather, your work with the photographs)? Or did you join up with her and present the whole shebang to EIL as one piece? Were you involved in the selection of the photos? I’m working on some pieces that I want to do various visual/digital things with, and I’m looking for journals doing digital/imagery stuff with poetry. I don’t necessarily need to (or maybe want to) be involved in finding the photographer/illustrator but could do so if I need to.

    Lastly, I totally remember that Michigan jingle. And, of course, “There’s more than coooorrrrnn/in Indiaaannnaaaa!” 🙂

    • EIL found the art to pair with the poems (and did an amazing job!).

      Rattle has a standing call for submissions for visual poetry:
      I think they want the whole shebang submitted together.

      Thrush Press does broadsides with some visual images, but I don’t know the details — take a look at their website.

      The Indiana jingle I remember is “Wander Indiana, wander Indiana, wander Indianaaaaaaa!” 🙂

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