friday un-roundup: just a poem

a light… left only to them (photo wikimedia)

Reader, I’ve had a busy day — a field trip to an art studio/gallery in The Mission that I’ll tell you all about sometime soon, because it was so cool.

Thing is, my brain really only works until about two o’clock in the afternoon, so writing a post now, well… it would be painful for all of us.

So I’ll just share this poem, which, I admit, is kind of a downer in terms of subject matter (relationship fading), but is so beautiful, and of-a-piece, and begins in such an everyday moment, that it really captured my attention earlier this week. It’s a perfect example of what we always say — that poetry is just paying very close attention.

Stay tuned next week for:

  • More organdization: submissions (insert Psycho music here)
  • What I learned in the high desert
  • Field trip report: art-making in The Mission
  • and, I promise, a fuller roundup

Until then, happy Friday, happy weekend, and thanks for reading!

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