friday roundup: art in the Mission, going forward, and a convincing sermon

“The Unmade Bed” by Imogen Cunningham

Happy Friday, Reader! I’m in an unaccountably good mood today. Perhaps because I said NO to helping with first grade literacy centers and YES to poetry this morning. Perhaps because I decided to (air quotes) air (end air quotes) the beds this morning (wink, wink) and spend more time writing. Perhaps because Husband and I are going out tonight and I will get to wear a shirt with bling and, sadly, also my trusty Danskos. But anyway, on to the roundup:

art in the Mission  Last week I mentioned going on a field trip to the Mission with a friend. We visited a place called Creativity Explored, a non-profit studio and gallery space for adults with developmental disabilities. And, Reader, WOW! It was an amazing experience to watch these artists at work, and to talk with them about their art. I wish I had some pictures, but I only had my phone not my camera, and also, it wouldn’t have been cool to take photos of the artists at work without their permission, but poke around on their website and you will see that there is some really amazing art being made at Creativity Explored. What interested me is that you could really see each artist’s obsessions coming through in their work: one artist worked on wood and the background of every painting was a listing of TV schedules; one artists was clearly interested in eyes, their placement on the body, and how eyes mirror other parts of the body and objects in the world; one artist does small, but amazingly accurate, ink-drawn portraits of famous people (Elvis, Tina Turner, Oprah, etc.). It made me wonder what the world would be like if we all had access to studio space and materials — would the Happiness Quotient of the World go up? I tend to think it would.

going forward  Lately I’ve been meeting with a couple of po-friends every Monday to talk poetry and the writing life. The neat thing about this group is that we don’t workshop each other’s poems, but we talk about our creative lives, check in on our goals each week,  cheer each other’s successes, and encourage each other when times are tough. I think of it as a group for processing the writing life. The word process comes from the Latin procedere, meaning “go forward.” I’m amazed at how much this weekly meeting has helped me to go forward in my writing life. The accountability of sharing goals, the camaraderie of different journeys on a shared path, and the encouragement we give each other has given me so much new creative energy and insight. I’m not sure how I ever got along without these Monday meetings. If you’re interested, I’ll write more about exactly what we do on Mondays….. stay tuned.

a convincing sermon  Some of you have probably already seen this poem by Melissa Broder from‘s poem-a-day service. But its’ so good and so interesting I just had to share it. I love that Mother Mary is in the pews. I love that the body is a coat. I love the warning: “It is dangerous to grow accustomed to a garden.” Do you notice that a majority of the lines are end-stopped? For me, this gives the speakers voice an air of authority and certainty. I believe this speaker! Anyway, go on, read the poem. (And, if you’re a writer, think about what your convincing sermon would say).

That’s it for today. I’m off to say YES to poetry. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks, as always, for reading.

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