small rebellions

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Reader, it’s late so I’ll keep this short. But tonight I want to speak out in favor of small rebellions. I’m talking about the little things we do to push back against the “shoulds,” the humble gestures that stake a claim for ourselves in a big, busy world.

For me, small rebellions have come in the form of declaring Make-Your-Own-Sandwich Night for dinner, soaking in the bath at two in the afternoon, and even doing my own laundry first (perish the thought!). Oh yeah, and sometimes I have blue streaks put in my hair.

Tonight’s small rebellion was to readΒ  Space, In Chains by Laura Kasischke (Ka-ZISS-kee) in the ballet studio waiting room, instead of reading How to Hug A Porcupine: Negotiating the Prickly Points of the Tween Years. And, O, Reader, I was rewarded! I only made it through the first section, but I am head over heels for this book. This poet’s got some moves — I promise to write more about it soon.

Probably will have plenty to write about the prickly points of the tween years soon, too.

But for now I’m going to perform one more small rebellion that can be summarized in two words: Butter. Pecan.

Good night, and may all your small rebellions reward you.

9 thoughts on “small rebellions

  1. i love Laura Kasischke’s work! I wrote her a fan letter the first time i read one of her books (and she replied–and was really nice!). Her poetry is powerful

  2. A few blogs ago when I saw that you had purchased this book, I thought, “Oh she’s gonna love this!!!” πŸ™‚

    I’ve been through it once, but have been going through it again recently– it’s in my car and I read a poem or two while waiting for school to let out. In fact, something that happened the other day was going to part of my Friday blog. ha ha. Great minds think alike.

    Honestly Molly, I knew you would love Laura Kasischke, because your work has the same vibe. Which is totally awesome.

    I love the bath-taking in the afternoon, and the make your own sandwich night. Two things I think I will start to employ around here. πŸ˜€ ( my poor son, if he read this he’d be like, “Wait isn’t *every* night ‘make your own sandwich’ night?” — he does internet school and is a teenager so he has odd hours, and my motto is, “Hey, if ya miss dinner, ya miss dinner”…..Now, doing this when I have the girls on the other hand– BRILLIANT!)

    • So good to learn from other poets, other moms and other poet-moms, right? I’m definitely going to be going through Space, in Chains again and again! And good luck with make your own sandwich night.

      • Hmmm. I guess my original thought on that never made it to the Friday blog. heh, heh. Maybe next week. Well, the book is still in the car, anyway, and will be for awhile.

        Oh, I learn so much from you here– as a poet and a mom!!

  3. Ah, small rebellions… first of all, I need need need to see the blue streaks in your hair. Next, my small rebellion for the evening is to give myself permission to delete the last 3 weeks of your posts I have waiting in my email, mocking my inbox. I love your blog, find it a true pleasure. Now, I feel like I am deleting with your permission. La(ke)View.

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