The Handout returns

Treat Street in the Mission

Those of you who’ve been hanging out here for a while may remember a little thing I used to do: The Handout.

The Handout is a little labor of love I work on from time to time. When I see a poem that I think is (a) wonderful, (b) interesting, (c) particularly well-crafted, (d) about to take off the top of my head, (e) stirring something inside for me that I need to write about, or (f) all of the above, I print it out and drop it in my “handouts” file. After I have a handful of poems gathered up, I take out the scissors and tape, and start cutting and pasting. Literally. I know there must be an electronic way to do this, but I love the old, analog method — it makes me feel close to the paper and the poems. After I’ve cut and pasted all the poems and bios, I make a few copies. Then I send The Handout to a few of my poetry buddies, and others who have let me know they want one.

I took a Handout hiatus (unplanned and unannounced, but there it was) in the spring as we moved into the Wee, Small House. And then it was summer–kids everywhere 😉! And then it was start of school. And then I went to a conference. And then babysat my nephew. And now, heavens to Betsy, it’s November. By hook or by crook, I’m going to get a Handout in the  mail before the end of this year.

So, the bottom line is, let me know if you’d like some real mail to appear in your mailbox. Real mail full of poems. Send me a message at mollycspencer (at) gmail (dot) com with “The Handout” in the subject line, and I’ll add you to my mailing list. Of course, I’ll need your  name and address. The stamp’s my treat.

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