end of year miscellany

Still Life: The Handout with Corn Flakes and Unfolded Laundry

Still Life: The Handout with Corn Flakes and Unfolded Laundry. Also with Fingerprints on the Chair and Someone Drinking Juice Out of a Wine Glass. #goodenoughmother

Reader, I’m procrastinating again. I really need to go to the grocery store with all the other crazy, procrastinating people who go to the grocery store on New Year’s Eve. Grooooaaaannnn.

But first, I wanted to tell you that, for those of you who requested it, The Handout is going in the mail today (by the skin of my teeth! and with the help of a small person known in these parts as Sister). By the way, I did get a comment from a reader who wanted a The Handout, but did not send me name and address information; if you’re that reader, drop me an e-mail at: mollycspencer@gmail.com. And, if you want to receive the next issue of The Handout, do the same.

This morning, I woke early after a night of restless sleep punctuated with thoughts of polar explorers meeting their fates and east-bay anxiety dreams (these are dreams where I get lost in the east-bay and can’t find my way home — don’t ask me…??). I started writing a list of things I’m thankful for in my journal, and after a half-hour or so, decided I could write until the journal was full and still have more gratitude to express. Life is so good.

One thing I’m grateful for is you, Reader, and all the fun I’ve had, and learning I’ve done, writing here at the stanza. So thank you for reading and joining the conversation from time to time. I wish you and yours every good thing in 2013.

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