16 thoughts on “please someone stop her before she borrows even one more library book

  1. Whoa, I thought I was bad 🙂 Looks totally healthy to me though! I think the library is the greatest place on earth. Still so amazed by it – you mean I get to take this book and this book and this book HOME – for FREE?! The Links + search tool is also epic. Can say enough good things about the library.

    • LOVE LINK +!! I feel the same way every time I leave the library — waiting for someone to stop me and say, excuse me ma’am, you can’t just walk out of here with those books (now that I think about it, this is also how I felt when we left the hospital with our firstborn).

    • Oh dear, I’m not sure what the grand total is. But no – they’re not all due on the same day (whew!). The problem is how I go to the library 3 or 4 times a week to write and every time I go I see another book or two that I just *have* to read!

      • I got to the point where I was renewing books the maximum number of times, and driving to the library to return them literally a half-hour before close on the day they were due.
        Now I have a growing To-Read list which I use as a sometimes-futile exercise in self-control…
        Perhaps you should add the books to a list, and check them out later, too? I keep telling myself delayed book-gratification won’t kill me.

      • I’m just such a prairie dog when it comes to books. Every time I see one it’s like: OH, I HAVE to read that. The list grows ever longer. For now, I accept it as one of my flaws 🙂

  2. Haha ohh you look like my kind of person! I got through weird stages of borrowing from the library. I will either get out epic proportions or I won’t go for months! 🙂

  3. I totally do this! As if I’ll ever have the time to read them all, but what if that particular book, and that one too, are not there the next time I come? I’ll NEVER remember to even look. Best grab ’em while I can… since I’m already here to pick up my ILL requests. 🙂

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