there should be a word for…

A page from A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language, from wikimedia

A page from A Dictionary of the Anglo-Saxon Language, from wikimedia

…the state of a refrigerator when it’s full-to-bursting and yet devoid of anything that could be combined into a meal.

…the particular brand of parenting dread that goes along with grade school projects.

…that feeling you get when everyone else is going to AWP and you’re not.

Reader, do you ever feel like there’s a few words the English language, for all its glory, lacks? I do. I need one of those words this week as I sense a dull roar to the east — the sound of thousands of suitcases zipping, the sound of hundreds of flights converging on Logan airport, the sound of my tribe gathering at the annual Association of Writers & Writing Programs conference, known to most of us as AWP.

BTW, is it just me, or would only poets and writers flock to a conference that is, seemingly, without fail, held in a snowy climate during the snowiest month of the year? πŸ™‚

Yes, the tribe gathers without me and I’m feeling a bit bereft, although there is some comfort in knowing there are a few other poets I know who aren’t going this year. I will just keep plugging away at my [here’s another thing we need a word for: the MFA that isn’t an MFA — it’s what you earn by spending years at your desk reading, studying, and writing poetry. I call it the Emily Dickinson MFA.]. And I’ll set my sights on Seattle in 2014, fingers crossed.

But anyway, back to those words we need but don’t have…

My BFF teaches English and creative writing at the high school where my little brother is the principal back in the Old Country/Michigan (speaking of which, we need a word for that strange feeling of knowing that your little brother is your BFF’s boss #awkward). Anyway, last semester, her class came up with a whole list of words we need. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • cryfusion: the act of violent sobbing without knowing if one is happy or sad
  • fromance: the state of being in love with your best friend
  • muse-ic: a song you can listen to over and over that calms you and never gets old
  • siprise: the feeling of surprise when one takes a sip out of a cup expecting one thing, and getting another

What about you, Reader — anything you wish you had a word for?

And to all you AWPers, godspeed, have fun, and stay healthy!

14 thoughts on “there should be a word for…

  1. So glad I’m not the only one missing the AWP conference! Just home from 5 weeks in Mexico and the thought of Boston in March just chills me to the bone. Hopefully, next year…

    • Yes, Boston in March is a bone-chilling proposition, indeed. Welcome back from Mexico! And no, you’re not the only one sitting tight at home this week.

    • Siprisinlgy — oops, I mean surprisingly — I don’t see Chicago on the list for the next few years. But AWP always comes back around to Chicago eventually… . xoxo

  2. Hi Molly,

    The world’s largest radiology meeting (“the RSNA”) is always held in Chicago, beginning the day after Thanksgiving and lasting a week. Of course, this particular week also usually includes the first real day of winter in that windy, sleety city. How do I know? My husband is a radiologist, and he and thirty (I think) some thousand-plus other radiologists and techs attend this event! I guess they, like poets and writers, are a little bit off when it comes to choosing meeting venues!


    • For some reason, I find it oddly comforting that radiologists are also meeting in cold, wintry places. And guess what I found out — AWP is in warm, sunny LA in 2016!! (bonus: drivable for me)

    • Yes, I saw that — Mpls in 2015, and not ’til April so hopefully past the worst of winter. Now excuse me while I go mark my calendar…

    • Aren’t the words great!? Whenever I think the world’s going t hell in a handbasket, I find connecting with young folk in some way to be very heartening. Pleased to know of another EDMFA alumna! πŸ™‚

  3. Yeah! Another round of neologism! Thanks for publishing my ppl. They will love it. I will continue this project. I have a speech/communication class that is quite creative. Stay tuned. The word for your little brother being my boss? #hellfroze #couldn’thavepredictedthis #family:-)

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