the universe delivers, and… some other stuff


one reader’s trash…

Reader, long have I yearned for a copy of Gray’s Anatomy. The body is fertile ground in my writing, and anyway, the drawing of the hand alone is worth a whole obsession packet! But, y’know, book-buying budgets… and poetry is always my first priority… . So, I’ve been getting by with the library copy now and then, making copies, scribbling notes, etc.

This morning I finally went the grocery store parking lot recycling center with a few bags of shoes and clothes that have been sitting in my garage for months (these are the shoes and clothes that are so beat up, I can’t in good conscience hand them down or donate them). As I was loading the bags in the shoes/clothes bin, I noticed that there was a big mess of books left outside the book bin. And, of course, I couldn’t help myself. I had to look through it. And what do you think I found? Yes, a copy of Gray’s Anatomy. I snatched it right up, of course.

It’s a bit worse for the wear. Who knows how long it’s been camping in the grocery store parking lot? It’s a 1995 edition (I was shocked when I did the math and realized that 1995 was 18 years ago!!??!!). It’s marked up a bit, bent, spine slightly crooked. It’s not perfect, but it will do.

And it was a cool moment for me — a reminder that, sometimes, the universe delivers. There is synchronicity. Perhaps if I’d taken the clothes and shoes last week, I’d not have found the book (it doesn’t look like it’s been through any rain, which we had early last week). I kind of needed a reminder like that this week.

As for the other stuff, this is just to say: I’ll be away from the blog for most of the next week or so. Motherly duty calls as one of our kids is going through some medical stuff — nothing too scary, but it’ll take time and care. I may check in here and there if there’s something quick and easy to post, and if I can find a sliver of time. If not, I’ll see you back here when things open up again.

Meanwhile, I hope the universe delivers for you, too.

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