on being away

I sat by this window for hours. Hours!

I sat by this window for hours. Hours!

away (adv.) 1. to or at a distance 2. towards a lower level 3. into an appropriate place for storage or safe keeping 4. towards or into non-existence. From Old English aweg and (about 725, in Beowulf) on weg (on on + weg way). The sense of the original compound is “to another place.”

I have been away, at a distance, into an appropriate place for safe keeping (of the soul, that is). Every time I go away, I realize that I don’t go away often enough. It wasn’t far away and it wasn’t for long (24 hours), but I felt unanchored and rested in the most delightful way.

I didn’t write, other than a few jotted thoughts in my notebook. I read, but mostly fiction: this book, which is one of my all-time favorites. I drank my coffee. Hot. I soaked in the tub (also hot) and no one pounded on the door calling, “Mooo-ooom!” I ate food that was not prepared by me. I settled not a single argument. 🙂

Here is the view from the hill above my little attic room:


Reader, I did not rush home.

But now here I am, home, and facing the reality that this likely will be a week away from my desk. Speaking of away.

A household to set back to rights. Last week of school. Third grade school play. Two minimum days. No less than 4 separate events for 5th grade graduation (Don’t get me started on 5th grade graduation; I’d be the one advocating for a box of popsicles at the last bell. And you’re done.).

But time away — whether from home or from writing — can be restorative, can loosen things up and sift them down, can bring things forth unexpectedly. As a po-friend says, “It’s all the work.”

I wish you a very happy week!

7 thoughts on “on being away

  1. oh yes. a box of popsicles at the last bell and you’re done. no caps and gowns, no patriotic songs, no endless display of one’s children. posing. for pictures. endlessly.

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