summer writing: day two and the protests begin

Yesterday I began my (drumroll…….) summer writing schedule. It involves getting up at 4:45 to have a cup of coffee in the dark and silent house, and then working at my desk from 5:00-7:00. The kids have been given strict instructions to stay in their rooms reading, or doing whatever they want as long as it’s quiet, until 7:00. Believe me, I’m loving the fact that they’re old enough to do this. And believe me, I wouldn’t require this if my writing desk weren’t smack dab in the middle of our only communal living space: the combination kitchen/dining/living area. (O, for a writing nook! A dream for someday… .).

Yesterday went like a dream! They were quiet little mice who stayed in their holes. Today, the protests began — although nothing so sophisticated as marching with “Occupy Mom’s Writing Time” signs (perhaps tomorrow). No, it was more of a passive aggressive protest: requests for “breakfast snacks” (seriously? breakfast snacks? um, No); arguments over who was allowed in what space. I will neither confirm nor deny that the following exchange took place. On post-it notes.

Me (to the boy keeping his sister out of her own room because he wanted to read there): If you’d like to be alone, please go in my room. Otherwise, share your sister’s room with her.

Him: No.

Me: You don’t have the option of saying ‘No’ to me.

Him: No thank you.
(You see what I’m up against here)

Me: You’ve now lost your screen time for the day. Let your sister in her room. Now.

Sigh. At any rate, although it has not been without minor snags, I feel like I’m off to a start with summer writing and that feels good. The trick for me (besides managing protesters) will be to scale back my expectations about how much can actually be accomplished in two hours a day. Also, I really miss my favorite sunny corner at the library — but that will be waiting for me in the fall and perhaps on a few Saturday mornings this summer. I’m also squeezing in bits of poetry where I can: swim practice and other brief windows of time.

Tonight I’m hosting my writing group, which I tend not to do during the school year due to having a Wee, Small House and young children who need their sleep. Summer bedtimes are a bit more flexible, and summer weather always supports the use of outdoor space (funny… I’m still getting used to the lack of storms in California). There will be wine and munchies, perhaps home-made cookies, and good poetry. There will be a babysitter on hand to herd the cats. I mean the kids. There will be no way to hide the fact that I need new towels, or that my bathroom is too small to turn around in. But I’m cool with that.

Hope you’re summer’s off to a good start, too.

6 thoughts on “summer writing: day two and the protests begin

  1. Sounds like a terrific and typical start – wishing you well with it. Kudos to you for concocting a plan of attack at all! Have a wonderful time hosting your writing group – it’ll do you so, so good 🙂

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