study break

from the archives

from the archives

Those of you with whom I connect on Facebook know that yesterday I was taken to task by a certain not-quite-eight-year-old for taking a break from the residency application I’m working on. You also know I’m a big believer in study breaks, or taking some time to relax during periods of intense work.

The same not-quite-eight-year-old was, this morning, distraught at the news that Mommy is OFF DUTY today and tomorrow so I can finish the application. Which doesn’t mean no hugs or no time with Mommy at all, but which does mean that Daddy is your go-to guy for everything. And by everything, I mean everything.

I confess, I’m a little *too* gleeful at the prospect of not lifting a finger around the house for the next two days. And believe me, I’m planning on not lifting even my pinky finger. I’m a little *too* gleeful knowing that my people will have a fresh understanding of what I do every day, because (insert evil laugh here) I won’t be doing it.

Let them eat leftovers.

Sadly, because of the holiday weekend, I won’t be able to spend these two days at the library. I will have to brave the wilds of the coffee shop. Where everyone’s energy will be all bouncing around and filling up the room (sheesh, people and their energy, y’know?). But I’m going to be brave and try to hack it.

And I’m going to take some study breaks, of course, because as Ovid reminded me via Facebook this week: “Take rest; a field that has rested gives bountiful crop.”

Whatever you’re busy with these days, don’t forget to take a study break here and there. And now, back to work…

4 thoughts on “study break

  1. Hahaha – that’s fantastic! Enjoy your “study break” and two days of application finishing – and of course, good luck when said application reaches the Powers That Be. 🙂

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