just two links

chain link, wikimedia

chain link, wikimedia

Reader, it’s Minimum Day. This is the weekly (yes, weekly) half-day of school that my kids, and I think most kids in California, have. I’m pretty sure whoever made up Minimum Day was not a poet. Or a parent, for that matter.

But anyway…

Today’s post is just two links:

This one is a link to several interviews Laura E. Davis has done with writers about their process. I’ve really enjoyed this series of interviews, as it gives me ideas for a few new tricks to put in my poetry bag of tricks. Full disclosure: I am one of the writers interviewed — but for those of you interested in process, this series is not to be missed.

This one is a link to an article about 10 easy and scientifically-proven ways to increase your happiness. I’m usually not a fan of such lists — they can seem like so many doggy tricks — and there’s no way in the world I’d ever plan a vacation and then not go on it (#8 on the list, seriously). But my radical self-care antenna perked up when I saw that 7 minutes of exercise might be enough, that more sleep helps us resist negative emotions, and that our brains can be rewired (pass the wire-cutters, please).

And now I’m off to my happy place, the library, to maximize Minimum Day. Have a good one.

2 thoughts on “just two links

  1. I think Minimum Day is an excellent idea for writers — one half day a week in which we give ourselves a break to practice “radical self-care.” : )

    I’m heading over to Laura’s blog now to read your interview.

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