LitCrawl: a brief debriefing


Reader, I’m three-fifths of the way through my scary calendar week. Today will be the day that makes it or breaks it. Let me quickly tell you about LitCrawl in case of imminent breakage.

good omens  I knew everything was going to be okay when I saw that the Bookmobile was parked outside of our venue.

location, location, location  I so love the Mission! I think everyone should do an immersion year in the Mission. Also, our venue, Elbo Room, was completely and utterly wonderful. A dark, barely-lit bar with a warm red glow. A tiny nook/stage type thing in the corner where the poets read. Someone who actually knew how to operate and calibrate the audio throughout the reading. AND a full house of bar-goers/audience members.

insider tip  I also knew everything was going to be all right when one of my fellow readers sat down next to me and said, Here share my shot of whiskey. It’ll make your voice honeyed. I knew this woman’s work, and on this basis I trusted her implicitly. I did not hesitate to share her shot of whiskey. Bottoms up.

new rule  Do not, I repeat, do not, sit on the tiny nook/stage type thing snapping selfies while your fellow reader is reading her poems. Just sayin.

poetry is an oral art form  After the reading someone came up to me and said, Wow, it’s so different to hear poems read out loud versus just reading them. Um, yes.

what I wore  jeans, avocado-green silk shell, black velvet mandarin collar double-breasted jacket that I’d picked up last winter at end-of-season clearance and forgotten about. Danskos. (sigh)

I had so much fun  that I can hardly remember being that middle-aged suburban formerly-midwestern poet who sat at this very same desk last week. For those who haven’t seen any, here are some photos from LitCrawl snapped by Ted Weinstein Photography. I’m the gal in the room with a warm, red glow.

And one more plug for the Tupelo Press anthology we read from: Myrhh, Mothwing, Smoke: Erotic Poems.

And now, it’s time for my scary day to begin (or, more accurately, to resume). As long as I don’t break today, I’ll be back here tomorrow for a very mini roundup. Thanks for reading!

7 thoughts on “LitCrawl: a brief debriefing

  1. So very glad this reading went well for you, Molly. When will you return to the midwest & read for us here? Many congratulations on your success!

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