friday roundup: half of everything edition

half moon (wikimedia)

half moon (wikimedia)

Hello, Reader.


When the kids were all tiny I used to joke that I delivered half my brain cells with each of them. Which, you know, if it were true, would be a problem — there are three kids.

And lately I feel like I’ve been doing almost everything by half-measures. Last night I made half a dinner. I’m halfway through this month’s class work (with less than half a month before it’s due). I half-heartedly went on a field trip with someone’s class this week, and left halfway through because the bus had been late, and they started later than planned and I had somewhere to be. Many times lately I’ve had an idea for a blog post, but never got to the second half of actually writing it. And of course, the kids have yet another extra half-day of school today. So there’s that.

So I hope you enjoy this half a roundup.

Half because I am just going to point you to a couple things here (yes, I am rounding up from 1.5). And one I already pointed to on Facebook this week, but oh does it ever keep.

world and word  Lucia Perillo has a little piece called “World and Word” up at Kenyon Review online (It’s one of their series of “Credos,” which you can read more about if you visit the link.). I’ve only half thought about it yet, but she talks about the theory that language must precede reality (I think she does not agree) and what happens to a world of things when technology intervenes and puts great distance between them, and/or makes them so easily replicable. You can see why I need to think more about this. But I love what she says about:

“(T)he first responsibility of poets is to wrestle with the world, the actual world that is out there, boiling.”

and also that

“(T)he poem pulls the world closer… .”

You can read the whole thing here and maybe you can even use your whole brain to think about it. That would be very lucky indeed.

“Greetings, Earthling”  Now, here comes the poem that I already shared on Facebook this week, but Reader, oh my goodness. This poem has such scope, facility, and power. I would someday like to write a poem half this good.

Here is Jericho Brown’s “Heart Condition,” which comes from his newest collection, The New Testament (Copper Canyon).

At this point, no more halves. I wholeheartedly wish you a whole entire weekend of whatever you enjoy most.


3 thoughts on “friday roundup: half of everything edition

  1. Fear not, if each kid took half your brain cells, then you still have 1/8 of a brain remaining!
    And we just have to have faith that those brain cells lost during childbirth CAN grow back. I personally am counting on it.

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