friday unroundup: just three poems

a draft of Plath’s “Ariel” with notes for revision

Hello and happy Friday.

There are many things I’ve been reading about and thinking about and writing about this week, but I just don’t have a full-fledged roundup in me today.

But we always have poems, right?

So here are three — one is new-to-me and two are old, faithful companions.

a blood sisterhood  A po-friend linked to Sylvia Plath’s “Blackberrying” on Facebook this morning, and I was immediately whisked back to the first time I read this poem. Age nineteen (how had I NOT read it before then!!??), the second floor of the library at St. Patrick’s College in Maynooth, Ireland (long story). “I had not asked for such a blood sisterhood” but when I read this poem I knew I had found one.

Here is “Blackberrying.”

(and thank you Sandy Longhorn)

revision  Long-time readers know that I am a committed disciple of revision. And so when I find a poem that is, in some way, a revision, or is “about” revision, or that has the word “revision” in the title, I am usually a sucker for it. As I am for this poem, Laura Van Prooyen’s “Revision” featured today on Verse Daily.

I could probably write a three-page paper about all the things I admire about this poem. In fact, I am getting really good at churning out three-page papers lately. Alas, there are other three-page papers to be written today.

this earth the beloved left  Speaking of revision, it seems the world and our lives are constantly subject to it. This week someone dear to me was laid to rest; his once-strong body returned to the earth. Gregory Orr’s “Untitled [This is what was bequeathed us]” has been a faithful companion for years, but especially so this week. Here it is.

Happy weekend and thanks for reading.



4 thoughts on “friday unroundup: just three poems

  1. Three awesome poems. Have you read Li-Young Lee’s long poem, “Furious Versions”? Believe it or not, it looks like you can read the whole thing in Google Books, but if you don’t own The City in Which I Love You, you probably want to check out the whole book.

    Longest link to a poem, ever.

    • But utterly deserving of its long link… thank you. I’ve only read Behind My Eyes, and I’m adding The City in Which I Love you to my list pronto!

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