friday not a roundup, late, and just this

Dear Reader,

All recent time and energy has been devoted to getting myself out of the house. I mean completely out of the house. For 10 days.

I am feeling lucky to be on my way to a writing residency, during which time I will not be cooking, cleaning, running people places, or settling arguments. I will also not be blogging. But before I go, I wanted to share this poem from the current issue of Poetry magazine by the poet Margaret Noodin.

I love that this poem is not translated, but rather, written in two languages. And I love it because it’s simple but powerful, and for its killer last line. I hope you love it, too.

I’ve been gone not-even-one day and I already miss my kids, but I know the uninterrupted time to write is, and will be, an enormous gift. I am beyond grateful for it.

Enjoy the poem. Until soon….

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